I have a fair amount of knowledge and experience with both front-end development and back-end development for the web. All of the applications and projects below are written in PHP, HTML, CSS & Javascript (unless otherwise stated). I have also used a number of other tools and things such as Inuit CSS and SASS to help me create the best code.


I started SyndiFeed a few months before Google announced they would be closing their Google Reader service, at the time I was getting into PHP and web development properly and an RSS reader was my first ‘proper’ web project.

SyndiFeed is still going today after seeing a rapid growth directly after the closing of Google Reader. It currently has over 2000 users and over 100,000 feeds on the service. I have not worked on SyndiFeed in a number of years but that’s all about to change in 2015.


MunchTech.tv is the home of the podcast that I co-host called The Two Techies It is a weekly technology news show of which we have done over 200 episodes to date. I also designed the WordPress theme that the site uses.

In 2015 I created an iOS and Android app for MunchTech.tv. This can be found on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.


Farelert was a service built to solve a problem we and many others faced. The idea was that it would allow you to search for flights from point a to point be just like any other flight search website, when you found a flight you could choose to track it. This meant that Farelert would keep tabs on the current price of that flight and keep you informed either through email updates or text alerts. You could use the Farelert dashboard to see the price trend of your selected flight over time.

We had a great number of users and people seemed to really enjoy the idea and get good use out of it. In the end the overhead costs (flight data) became too great so in November of 2014 we shuttered the service. We still have a lot of the flight data that was tracked by all of the users and hope to do something with it soon (everyone loves cool graphs!).


I helped build the iOS & Android app for getWaiter! which is a service that aims to improve your restaurant experience. No more waving your hands in the air, simply scan the code and use the app to call the waiter, request more drinks or get the bill.