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I am a part web designer and part web developer from the UK. I have worked on a number of projects, some for myself and some for others all of which are detailed below. I also co-host a weekly tech news podcast called 'The Two Techies' of which we have done over 200 episodes in four years!

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ (yes, you read that right) or you can drop me an email. I have Tumblr that you can find here.

You can find my GitHub profile at GitHub.com/AaronF.

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Farelert makes it super easy to track the price of a flight over time. All you have to do is enter a few details about your trip and farelert will show you the results, from there you can track multiple flights and get alerted by email or text as soon as it changes.



MunchTech.tv is the home of the podcast that I co-host called The Two Techies It is a weekly technology news show of which we have done over 200 episodes to date. I also designed the WordPress theme that the site uses.

getWaiter iPhone
getWaiter Logo

I helped build the iOS & Android app for getWaiter! which is a service that aims to improve your resturant experience. No more waving your hands in the air, simply scan the code and use the app to call the waiter, request more drinks or get the bill.



SyndiFeed was one of my first 'proper' web based projects. SyndiFeed is a basic RSS reader with a built in read later service which has over 2000 users and over 100,000 feeds.

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